Time Commanders New Series


Time Commanders returned to TV with a new series after an 11 hiatus. The show, though containing some similar aspects to the original two series that aired in 2003 and 2005, was also refreshingly different, and overall the first episode was a success!

The new host was Greg Wallace and he brought a nice combination of presenting professionalism from years of experience, but was also energetic and seemed very enthusiastic and involved in the action.

The general setup was different from the old show, which saw a team of 4 work together, with two captains and two generals, to fight a historic battle, before the experts, who were ever watching, would return at the end of the carnage to deliver an analysis. The new series differed though, setting up two teams of three people against one another. They each controlled one army and were given the chance to practice their skills in a skirmish. The studio was divided in two, with a large screen in the centre acting as a partition. This setup made the battle more interesting as it provided multiple perspectives on the action, as well as an extra element of competitiveness for the teams. Additionally, the show involved some real life use of the weapons if the troops and these sections were a nice way to segment the show. The teams were each given a time out for the battle as well, so that they could, if necessary, regroup their thoughts and seek the advice and aid of the experts.

The battle featured for the first episode of the new series was Zama, between Hannibal and Scipio, and so featured the Total War Rome 2 engine to represent and display the action. This was another change from the original series which of course only used the Rome Total War engine, where as the new one wishes to take advantage of the more diverse range of games now out by the Total War franchise.

Overall, the new Time Commanders was a success; entertaining and informative and all round good fun! If you are yet to catch it, I would thoroughly recommend doing so!


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