Sherlock Characters’ Hogwarts Houses


The real question on everybody’s lips right now must be: Which house would Mary Be put in if she were a wizard? Well, puzzle no longer, as I have attempted to sort them out for you!

Sherlock = Slytherin: The brain box, drug addicted sociopath we all know and love. One might have thought that his intelligence would have made him a likely candidate for Ravenclaw, however, his wish to take risks, put himself in danger and generally his struggles with boredom make him much more a Slytherin than any other house (although he would appear to fit into most houses… though maybe not Hufflepuff!) The values of ambition, cunning and resourcefulness which Slytherin treasures are just some of the many which Sherlock possesses and demonstrates time and again. His wiles and wit enable him to think out any problem and he will pursue whatever interests him, no matter the danger that that path might have!

John = Hufflepuff: A tricky one indeed; caught between both Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, but John’s love of his friend and wife linked nicely to the love of home that defines Hufflepuffs. He is clearly a hard working man as doctors need be, dedicated to the people he loves with near endless patience for Sherlock and his connivings. Most obvious though is joins loyalty, which he demonstrates to Sherlock time and time again, coming at his call no matter what the situation; perhaps he is too easily trusting “you are very loyal, very quickly” but this is just another reason we love our John.

Mrs Hudson = Gryffindor: Not always a Landlady (not a housekeeper) in London; Mrs Hudson’s past married to a drug lord and filled with passion and adventure make her an ideal Gryffindor. Even now, her daring tendencies have not left her as she demonstrates her strength of character to help Sherlock fend off unwanted American guests. A wonderful woman with the strength of a lion.

Mary = Gryffindor: Again, a person caught between two houses (Slytherin was a close second) but Mary’s courage and bravery demonstrated by her past as a hit woman are clear to see, along with her insistence on going where the adventure is, even if it is not always wise. Daring and brave, Mary must be Gryffindor.

Mycroft = Ravenclaw: Different to his brother in so many ways and considered the smart one of the two, Mycroft is a clear candidate for Ravenclaw. His mighty intelligence is matched only by his unwillingness to be active and involved in the action, and he regards humanity with a nonchalance bordering on disdain (no, it probably is disdain). His one weak point is of course his little brother, but the otherwise it is difficult to point to a more Ravenclawing Ravenclaw that ever Ravenclawed.

Donovan = Slytherin: Donovan is a difficult one, but her pride in her work and ambition to be the best drive her on. She is resourceful and clearly one of the better police officers in the station. When she believes she is right she goes for it, creating a plan and pushing for its result (although not always right! something something Sherlock died something something). Clearly not afraid of danger and eager to work her way up, Donovan is of Slytherin.

Anderson = Gryffindor: Tricky as Anderson reveals little in the series so far and what he does show is generally dislikeable, but his attempts to usurp Sherlock might be considered brave along with reckless. I honestly have little more to say about this man. so…

Lestrade = Hufflepuff: Hardworking and dedicated to his job; Lestrade shows that he is not entirely useless despite Sherlock’s insistence to the contrary. He, like John, puts up with Sherlock’s crap demonstrating his patience and although not so resourceful, one feels as though this may be due to his sense of fairplay and doing things properly shown by his opinion of some of Sherlock’s methods. In addition, the brief mentions given of Lestrade’s life outside of work shows a dedication and loyalty to his family (cheating wife) that can be only suggestive of a true Hufflepuff.

Moriarty = Slytherin: Sherlock’s identical hand twin; Moriarty can be nothing but Slytherin. His resourceful nature and ambition are seen in the strength and might of his criminal empire, which takes Sherlock two years to dismantle. Much like Sherlock he has a boredom problem, and his pursuit of knowledge and a cure for boredom knows no fear of danger or death. He must know, just like Sherlock, and his games show a genuine disregard for literally everything. His schemes are brilliant and he is the only true match of Sherlock. I dare you to place him in any other house.

Molly = Ravenclaw: Dear, sweet Molly. The smartest and most important aid to Sherlock; in times when he needs her most she is always there for him. She is quiet but fiercely intelligent, and although she does not like to endanger herself, she will help Sherlock with whatever he needs. She is a brilliant scientist in her own right and provides Sherlock with much information, as well as access to the morgue. Endearing for her shyness, Molly does occasionally burst from her shell to cut down Sherlock, and she is one of the few characters who is ever able to. Intelligence and knowledge are her things thus making her truly a Ravenclaw.

Irene Adler = Slytherin: Once more a character who may have fit with another house, but she is placed in Slytherin. She schemes to protect herself and much like Sherlock enjoys the thrill of the chase; games are only fun when there is danger involved. Although her job as dominatrix shows her passionate side, it is all part of a wider plan that she has and is able to use to her own advantage. She is cunning; she is resourcefulness; she is Slytherin.

So… that happened! I did my best and understand there are some characters that could be argued for other houses… how well did this sorting hat do?